Dazzling Toys 7 Inch Plastic Traffic Cones - 6 Pack of 7” Multipurpose Construction Theme Party Sports Activity Cones for Kids Outdoor and Indoor Gaming and Festive Events

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Brand: Dazzling Toys

Color: Na


  • PARTY THEME: The cones are perfect for children's parties and social events. Makes an awesome construction type party theme, and really adds a cool, vibrant element to the décor of your kid's next party.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Our kit can be used for an assortment of outdoor and indoor activities, and is compatible with an array of turfs. Perfect for sporting events, training, gaming activities and they make awesome construction type party themes.
  • DURABILE | RUGGED: Made with quality plastic, the toys are made to withstand the elements, and long hours of rough playtime with kids.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Children can spark fun and creative connections with one another while enjoying essential hours of exciting playtime with friends and family.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: As advertised, the novelty set offers you great quality and functionality without having to sacrifice quality for price. Satisfaction Guarantee!

Publisher: Dazzling Toys

Release Date: 2018-09-01

Details: THE PERFECT ACTIVITY CONE SET FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The multipurpose cone set offers the perfect indoor and outdoor activity buddy, simply a must have this summer! Compatible with all kid’s activities, it can be used at an assortment of fun children’s events like: Obstacle courses, Sports and fitness training or as a children's contemporary party theme. FEATURES: RUGGED | DURABLE: Perfect for all outdoor activities and adventures, the set is made from tough plastic materials, built to endure banging, slamming and rough play time with kids. VIBRANLY COLORED: Featuring a bright orange color, the cones are easily recognizable in the outdoors, so children have no difficulty staying on track with their current activity’s objective. ERGONOMIC DESIGN : The cones are made with superior memory, so if they get trampled on or squeezed, they retract into their original shapes. PARTY THEME: Perfect for a construction themed party, the set offers a great alternative for party décor at your kid’s next event. ALL TERRAIN: Cones can be set up virtually anywhere; grass, sand, gravel or playground surfacing. Its no holds bars fun and excitement with these fun activity cones from Dazzling toys. SAFETY: The cones can be used to set up borders around play areas, and to caution by passers that children are playing in the area. SPECIFICATIONS: - Indoors | Outdoors - Sports | Training | Party | Backyard | BBQ | School activities INCLUDES: 6 Orange Plastic Traffic Cones

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Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.6 x 4.9 inches